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Protective Behaviour/

Cyber-Safety  Testimonials

“I recently completed Candise Adams Protective Behaviours course. It was one of the hardest topics to learn and hear about but Candise delivers her message with precision and grace. She is straight to the point with no apologies in her work. Her passion to deliver her message is evident and admirable and I can highly recommend this course to children, adults, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and every school in the nation. I feel educated and  stronger in my parenting skills and more confident when talking to my children about how to protect themselves. We are blessed to have people like Candise in our world.” Rayne Embley (Fashion, Lifestyle and Motherhood Blogger) 22 August 2018

“I really enjoyed the presentation. Unlike other presenters, Candise was absolutely phenomenal - and some of the points she made really got through to me. I feel the evidence she had helped her get through to the students as well.

The videos Candise showed us about suicide were really tragic and sad, but I feel that also helped get her message across to the students.

Candise spoke clearly and I was more than pleased with her presentation.

No negatives; it was fantastic.” Year 8 Student (Cyber-Safety Program) (MLSHS) October 2020

“Good communication and good eye contact with the whole crowd.

Made lots of kids seemed intrigued and involved into the presentation which shows they liked it and enjoyed it.

Made all of us more aware of how easy it could be for us to be the bully or the victim.

Truly showed how such small things we do on the internet could impact our lives and the ones around us.

Overall: good presentation. I enjoyed it even though some things kind of triggered me.” Year 8 Student (Cyber -Safety Program) (MLSHS) October 2020

"I liked how raw it was. It wasn't watered down or anything. I thought it was good to actually have real life examples that we could see and learn from" Year 8 Student Anon (MLSHS) October 2020

"Candise presented an important, yet in some ways, frightening topic, in a sensitive and informative manner. Candise herself is a brave woman, making a difference in many children's lives. I will be further pursuing the opportunity to engage with Candise to enhance my skills in dealing with such an important topic and to enable my children to gain the skills to be assertive and protect themselves in a situation I hope they never end up in, however I'd rather them have the tools to deal with the situation than the later. Thank you to Candise and the MLCCC for organizing such an important, eye opening session"- Shannan Stefanovski 16 April 2018


“I recently attended a group training session about protective behaviours. The session was informative and understanding of our role as parents. I left feeling as though I didn’t need to turn my helicopter blades on high speed but well equipped to put strategies in place so that my children feel empowered in awkward or inappropriate situations. I would highly recommend Candise. She is passionate about protective behaviours especially proactive protection.”  – Nadine Jackson, 14 June 2018

“I attended a talk this evening on Protective Behaviours run by Candise and was incredibly impressed. Her talk was informative, well delivered and her knowledge and expertise were so apparent. As a fellow psychologist and parent, I cannot rate her expertise in this area more highly. Learning about Protective Behaviours is an absolute must for parents— just as important as first aid training! Thank you Candise for sharing your knowledge and passion with us tonight.” -Rebecca Steingiesser 19 March 2018

“Candise has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and made a very difficult subject easy to digest. The tips, strategies and insight has helped us embed protective behaviors into our Centre. Thank you!” -Leonie Yates (Daycare Director) 4 April 2018

“Thank you Candise for providing such a thought provoking and informative talk about protective behaviours, and why it is imperative we educate our children in this topic. I feel it is vital that we empower our children to be able to protect themselves, regardless of the situation they find themselves in. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us tonight. I recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to attend this information session, make it a priority to do so.” –Jen Schweitz 19 March 2018

“I would highly recommend attending the Protective Behaviours Information Session to anyone who has children, cares for children, or works with children in any capacity. Candise presents the information in a friendly, sensitive, and accessible way, and her depth of knowledge in the area is impressive. It was so useful to learn about the many ways you can help your kids protect themselves – both in confirming that what I’m already doing is on the right track and providing additional tools and strategies so I feel confident talking to my kids about protective behaviours.” –Peta Blevins 30 April 2018


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