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Flashpoint Channel 7

"I dare say we've all had mixed experiences and thoughts with social media and our mobile phone habits.

Candise Adams is a clinical counsellor treating more and more kids for addictions, anxiety and bullying. She's also doing great things in the classroom, presenting to high school students on the dangers of social media and the online world.

It was great to sit down with her for #Flashpoint and also speak to a brave family about their challenges in this space. Arden and her twin daughters, Mia and Amy, gave an honest insight about their battle with this juggernaut and what they've learnt during the process.

They are wise beyond their years."

Ryan Rampling Flashpoint Producer

Pink Screen

Podcast with Tod Johnston -
Night Shift 6PR

Speaking with Tod Johnston 19/9/2023 on the impact of the cyberworld on today's  generation. 

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Mayors Visionary Award Winner

"Stirling Business Association celebrated the impact and contribution local small businesses make to the community and economy at its annual awards night at Optus Stadium last Friday.

Overlooking the oval, the gala awards dinner treated guests to glitz and glamour as they mingled and celebrated their achievements, with MC 7 News presenter Tim McMillan guiding proceedings as finalists and winners of 10 award categories were announced.

Safe Counselling Australia clinical counsellor and psychotherapist Candise Adams was the recipient of the Mayor’s Visionary Award."


Beam Magazine

Social Change Maker Gold Winner

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Consent Article-Kids In Perth

"Picture this:  You’ve arrived at a family gathering with your children and Aunty Beryl immediately comes in for a big hug and a kiss.  You happily embrace her in return, but your kids pull away and hide behind your legs.  You don’t want your Aunty to feel offended, so you pressure your children to give her a cuddle which the kids do begrudgingly with uncomfortable expressions on their faces.

While some of you reading this would be thinking “no way, I’d never force my kids to hug someone if they don’t want to”, others would be thinking “yep, that sounds familiar!”  It’s a common scenario and of course relatives want to express their love towards the children with a hug and kiss.  But experts say forcing our kids to hug relatives when they don’t want to isn’t teaching the right lesson about personal boundaries."

Kid Playing with Bubble

Channel 7 News

Channel 7 news Cyber safety mini clip

Candise Adams 6PR CybersafetyArtist Name
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Stirling Business Association Awards 2023
"Three of the six awards on the night — the digital intelligence, community impact and Mayor’s visionary awards — were won by Safe Counselling Australia."

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