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Hypnotherapy is guided hypnosis, or a trance-like state of focus
and concentration. Allowing our clients to turn their attention
completely inward and focus on their sub-conscious mind.
Encouraging them in a non- confronting and non re-traumatising
therapy process to release the deeply embedded
behaviours and emotions.

Who can have hypnotherapy?
Any one aged 6+ can be seen at Safe Counselling Australia for hypnotherapy
How does it work?
"At Safe Counselling Australia hypnotherapy is performed in a calm, safe and therapeutic environment. The therapist will guide you with their voice into a relaxed, focused state using metaphors and visualisation. Your therapist will guide you to think about experiences and situations in positive ways that allows you to let go of, what you no longer need. Unlike some dramatic portrayals of hypnosis in movies, books, or on stage, you will not be unconscious, asleep, or in any way out of control of yourself. You will hear the therapist’s suggestions, but it is up to you to decide whether or not to act on them. You will be in complete control of your own mind"

How much does it Cost?
Sessions are $120 for 50 minutes (40 minutes Hypnotherapy)

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